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Re: The Two Commodore Perrys + Arthur Sinclair

No advert but Sally Captain Arthur Sinclair USN was there

"Out of the distant past come the voices of four men who sailed warships on
Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. Sailors of 1812, published in 1997 by
the Old Fort Niagara Association, presents the first person accounts of
Master James Richardson, RN, Captain Arthur Sinclair, USN, Lieutenant Henry
Kent, RN, and Barzallai Pease, US Army Transport Service.
An introductory chapter informs the reader about the corps of naval officers
and to  each of the men. Richardson's recollections about his time with the
Provincial Marine   and the Royal Navy under Commodore Yeo, originally
published in 1915, have been   overlooked by previous researchers. The
private letters of Arthur Sinclair, Commodore   Chauncey's prickly flag
captain, have never been published before. Lt. Kent was a
  subordinate to Commander Edward Collier during the Royal Navy's long march
overland from Saint John to Kingston during the winter of 1814. He recounted
his  experiences in a letter to his father, which was published in 1815 and
then forgotten.  Pease, a worldly jacktar, kept a journal of his brief tour
of duty with the army's
  transport service in 1814. Like Sinclair's letters, Pease's comments have
not been   printed before.
  Sailors of 1812 was conceived as a companion piece for Donald E. Graves's
Soldiers   of 1814: American Enlisted Men's Memoirs of the Niagara Campaign.
The naval   memoirs and letters are presented verbatim and supported by 222
descriptive footnotes.  The outstanding original illustrations by artist
George Balbar also enhance the text.   Sailors of 1812: Memoirs and Letters
of Naval Officers on Lake Ontario is a soft
  cover book measuring 25 cm x 14 cm. It is 96 pages in length and includes
28   illustrations and maps and extensive footnotes. ISBN: 0-941967-19-0.
Retail price:
  $10.95 (Cdn), $7.95 (US).
  TO ORDER Sailors of 1812, send a cheque or money order for:

  Canadian - $10.95 + $1.00 (postage) + no tax = $11.95

  American - $7.95 + $2.00 (postage) + no tax = $9.95

  mail to:
       Robert Malcomson
       58 Woodrow Street
       St. Catharines, Ontario
       L2P 2A3 Canada

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