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The Two Commodore Perrys

Oliver Hazard Perry was an admiral at the Battle of the Lakes in the War
of 1812.  Arthur Sinclair was an entered midshipman before the "2nd
Revolutionary War", served in the Atlantic and then transferred to
Sackett harbor where took command of the General Pike. He was evidently
in two sets of battles, one under ADM Chauncey and one under Decatur.
Except for a listing of ships and their commanders on the lakes, Arthur
Sincalir is not mentioned.  However, there are two sites, one Canadian
and the other American on the subject of the battles.  For those of you
interested in warfare under sail, its hard to believe with so little sea
room that a battle could be fought.
http://www.history.navy.mil/wars/index.html  This is the US Navy History
Center - open the War of 1812-1815 and read. The Canadian one I'll have
to find again. Sally

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