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Re: Commodore Arthur Sinclair

I have reread the message from our dear Laurel.  This is the best of all
possible times.  It is the only time we will ever know. The great thing in
life is not so much when we live, it is  in where we are going whilst we
live and where the wind is blowing.  We must sail  with the wind. We must
sail against the wind, but  sail we must , we can not drift, we can not
stay safely in the harbour.

We stand at the very cross-roads of history. History  is written in the
blood of men and women who have dared to take up  causes, as, Earl Williams'
espousal of the rights of the Romaine (Gypsy)  or in our times, the black
man's right to his body, or woman's right to her soul.


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