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Re: "Some FOOTPRINTS in time"

Myra, It may sound sappy but it is true that we don't often take the time to 
see beyond the outer person.  We in our family were lucky enough to be 
surrounded by many of the "elders" as we grew up and heard all the wonderful 
family stories we would have otherwise missed.  I heard the other day a quote 
"Whenever a person dies, a museum burns" this too is pretty sappy but if you 
think about how much the  older members of this list teach the rest of us it 
does have true meaning.  Possibly the way it is expressed is too sentimental 
for some but true nonetheless.  Therefore let us pray for longevity for our 
older and wiser family members to help the rest of us find the knowledge to 
pass on to the next generation.  A personal aside, our son who to my 
knowledge is not an overly sentimental young man informed us a few days ago 
that they will name their first daughter Georgia StClair Gellis,  I'm not 
even sure that he knows that Georgia is a name passed down through his 
great-grandfathers family but needless to say I am thrilled.  Thank you for 
the poem as a friend that I sent it to found it very moving as she volunteers 
with the elderly in a nursing facility and is very soft of heart.  Best to 
all, Charlotte Gellis
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