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Reply to Lena

"All men are created equal....."  If you want to be terribly literal we
are created equal. All humans, of whatever race, creed, etc. have the
same general configuration as every other human. What is not equal is
where each of us stand in the economic strata. Some of us are raised to
think we are better than others. Still others have this idea that they
are less than others because the 'others' keep them down.  Whatever the
handicap we come into this world with, it is up to us to make our lives
better (and we do have that chance). If someone comes into this world
and is raised with anger that they cannot achieve where they think the
'others' live, they probably wont.  If they choose to think that there
is nothing in this world that they can't do they can achieve. I choose
to think I can do anything I put my mind to. I may not have the money of
the rich, but money is not my end desire. My end desire is to learn what
I am able and to be able to use my hands and mind and heart to make my
particulara 'pig wallow' more comfortable for me. I don't worry about
Mr. Jefferson's sex life so many years ago. Or Mr. Clinton's for that
matter. Sally  Sorry I don't have your email address, I would have put
this on there.

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