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Kennewick Man

Kennewick Man is something we should all rally around.  The major dog in 
this fight is who controls prehistory.  Several years ago many aboriginal 
groups got together and forced, like other special interest groups, the 
passage of the reburial legislation, NAGPRA (Native American Graves 
Repatriation Act).  Any skeletal remains, burial artifact, or anything 
considered "ceremonial" must be reburied. It is a power play and the ball is 
in the Native groups' court.  I might add, though I am sure it's not 
necessary, that not all tribal groups feel this way.  This is a struggle 
within their ranks as well.  However, these groups were stripped of their 
land, their rights, and all their power.  Who can blame them for wanting to 
control their destiny and history?  However, it is unfortunate that science 
is the looser in the fight.  I suggest that everyone of you write your 
Representatives and voice your opinion on this struggle for testing the 
Kennewick Man skeleton. Whether he turns of to be Mongoloid or Caucasian is 
not the point.  Scientific inquiry and the prehistoric settlement of this 
country is the point.


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