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Kennewick Man finale

Oh, I forgot a point.  Because anything can be "ceremonial", i.e., bowls, 
weapons, villages, etc.  There is a real possibility that we, vocational 
archaeologists and avocational archaeologists alike, will not be able to 
excavate anything because it is "ceremonial."  If that happens just imagine 
the amount of information we will loose as a society?  Contact period sites, 
whether later historic or the time around PRince Henry's voyage could be off 
limits because they are "ceremonial."  If there is any speculation that a 
site MIGHT be aboriginal then it could feasibly be illegal to excavate it.  
THen we will never know if any of the sites discussed on this list are 
related to Prince Henry or if they are aboriginal in origin. All it takes is 
someone saying that's "Native American" and, like Kennewick Man, we will not 
be able to even measure it or photograph it.

I'm off my soapbox for now, but, this is a serious problem.  Anyone 
interested in history and prehistory needs to take a stand against political 

Thanks for listening :)

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