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1880 census

Dear Cousins,
    I do not remember if we discussed the LDS 1880 census CD's that are on
the market now.   I thought this sounded like a great tool for research but
after talking to a friend who has purchased the set, I would like to warn
anyone thinking about buying them.

Volunteers went through all the 1880 census and copied off the information
into this data base.   During that process many errors have been made so as
you use the index be sure to check every possible spelling of the name and
when and if you find your person you must still go to the original census to
check the facts out.   And never assume that your person isn't there because
they could have been skipped during the copying process.

She has found numerous errors, such as:
 Her ancestor John Yancy Cain   was listed under Yancy John Coin
Hasse  was Hasso
Harris was Hairis but at least one kid was listed as  Harris

States  and ages were copied wrong from the census she had already read
through and taken notes on and children left off of the LDS CD that were on
the original census.

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