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Re: 1880 census

At 13:47 27/06/2001 -0700, Laurel wrote:
>Dear Cousins,
>    I do not remember if we discussed the LDS 1880 census CD's that are on
>the market now.   I thought this sounded like a great tool for research but
>after talking to a friend who has purchased the set, I would like to warn
>anyone thinking about buying them.

I'd like to add another example to that:

My great great grandfather John Patrick St.Clair is shown as age 51 on these
disks. I was suspicious after seeing the handwritten 1891 entry that showed
him as 71 (still very difficult to see when they happen to obliterate the
column with a huge tick or cross!) 

I was able to check the original handwritten 1881 entry in Aberdeen in April,
and sure enough he was 61. 

Beware - they are a _great_ tool, but not to be relied upon entirely as the
source of information.  This I hope does not detract from the good job the LDS
has done in bringing this resource to our home desktops, a massive task to say
the least.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia 
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