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RE: Prince Henry


The 'Tim' I refer to is not yourself.
Rob and I have discussed this issue on another list, where this particular
Tim is a detractor of Prince Henry and most things Sinclair.  I mentioned
him only for Rob's benefit, so as to compare my position with his and get
clarification of what we accept as evidence.  I jumped a bit hard on Rob due
to being annoyed him correcting Susan.
Rob, allow me to apologise for my salvo and over-reaction.  Not your fault.
But I still want to know what evidence you think  is Prince Henry's.  Hope
you accept my apology.

Tim, apologies if it read that I was referring to you in any way.  No salvos
were aimed at you or your research.
So you need not think you are touched with the same brush as this other

Upon reflection my post was pretty hard-hitting.  I would, that I had argued
with more tact and less vigour.
One feels compelled in these small moments to fight the good fight for
Sinclairs all.  Within the other list I am surrounded by mostly foes and
detractors.  Most quote the Zeno narratives as fakes and that Prince Henry
remained in Scotland according to manor records of 1398.  Given the
resistance I face there, I post with more punch and vigour to provide some
balance and demonstrate the logic or Prince Henry's presence.  One feels
there, that the force of your arguement wins you the day.
My blood boils when detractors suggest its a Sinclair conspiracy and worse.
I will not name the list.  You don't need the pain.
Can a paragenetic Sinclair be demonstrating the beserker streak in combat on
behalf of Prince Henry?
Again, apologies if I hurt an honourable man by association.

Tim, you may or may not remember that I contacted you directly some weeks
ago regarding something.
Your candid response was appreciated and I consider your work cutting-edge
to removing the dubious histories overlaying Prince Henry and Grail topics.

Kindest regards

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DEar Friends,

As the vast majority of you are well aware Marilyn and I have spent two
years researching and writing the book which provides definitive proof of
Prince Henry's VOYAGES to north America.

I must admit I find it most odd that one of our correspondents is under the
complete delusion that I am a 'Prnce Henry Detractor'. Is he deaf dumb and
blind - or is my command of the Eglish language so poor that I have failed
to get my point across? Please enlighten me.

Best wishes


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