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Re: StClair war deaths

Dear Charlotte:

    Thank you for your information.  It was useful in adding another
generation to my pedigree chart.  I made a mistake in spelling my
Grandfather's middle name.  After reviewing it was John Meddow St. Clair.
As said before his father was James Meddow St. Clair and his grandfather (my
Great Great Grandfather was William P. St. Clair.  That was as far as I had
knowledge of, until you mentioned Elizabeth Adkerson.  I went back the
Family Search Web Site and found Elizabeth Adkerson who was married to
William S. St. Clair.  They had a son named William P. St. Clair.  Who is my
Great Great Grandfather.

    William P. St. Clair also fought in the Civil War.  I saw his Wife Sarah
Jane Lee on the Confederate Widow's pension list.

    If you can add any more information to this please let me know.  I am
curious why you said the infamous John Henry St. Clair.  I always interested
in a story about St. Clairs famous or infamous.  Especially St. Clairs that
are fairly close kin.

Your cousin,

John P.  St. Clair
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> Dear John,  Here is what I have and I think we connect along here
> My grandfather had a brother named James Meador StClair,b. mar. 17.1878, I
> have posted his name several times in hopes of finding out what became of

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