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Re: StClair war deaths

Dear John,  Here is what I have and I think we connect along here someplace.  
My grandfather had a brother named James Meador StClair,b. mar. 17.1878, I 
have posted his name several times in hopes of finding out what became of him 
as he left Va. in his mid to late teens.  We always believed he died in the 
West as he was in the northern Sierras when my g.grandmother heard from him 
for the last time. His father was the infamous John Henry StClair who lived 
in Eggleston for many years, John Henry's parents were Meador StClair and his 
mother was Keturah-Anne Craig, Meador's parents were William StClair and his 
mother was Elizabeth Adkerson.  By the way Meador had a son named Samuel A. 
StClair born in 1848 who fought and died in the war between the states. 
Somepalce in Christiansburg is a Craig Cemetery and there are several in 
Giles that have a lot of us there.  If any of these connect let me know 
although the true authority on this end of the family is Jean Grigsby.  Best 
wishes and I hope your storms are far away by now.  Charlotte Gellis
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