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Re: South African St. Clair info.

On 31 Jan 2001 at 09:10:40 -0800 Laurel <laurel@spiritone.com> wrote:
>Dear Cousins,
>Can anyone help this person with his family search?  
>Since they kept the St. Clair spelling, it might be 
>that they are of the Rosslyn branch???
>> Hello Laurel
>> Here is all the information i have .
>> My great grandfather's name was John Archibald St.Clair
>> , Minister of Melville Parish .

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]


G'day from Western Australia Donald!  (- And hello to the
Clan Sinclair folk out there.  I have only just subscribed)

I have some information about your branch of the St.Clairs,
although more on the ancestor side than descendants:

I would first like to query your grandfather's middle name.
It shows as "Even" on your e-mail (above), but volume 5 of
the "Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae", page 416 (entry for John
Archibald St Clair) shows the name as:

>John Ewan St Clair

There is also confirmation of his dob as April 8, 1884 and
siblings shown as:

>Sydney (also different spelling to your e-mail) Francis
>dob: March 1, 1886
>Melville    dob: April 19, 1887
>Evelyn      dob: Nov 26, 1889  - died Nov 28, 1889
>Robert  (no dob shown)
Volume 4, page 240 of the same book has the following entry for
John Archibald's father:

>CLAIR], ord. in 1860; chaplain to
>Aberdeen Prison 1880-1894. He had
>issue - John Archibald, min. of Melville
>Church, Montrose.

John Patrick was born in 1820 at Kinloch Rannoch (no relation
to the Rev.John Sinclair of Rannoch Church it seems) and married 
Catherine C SINCLAIR, born at Fort William in 1833.
They had 5 definite(possibly 7) daughters and two sons, one
of which died at an early age.  The surviving son was your
ggrandfather, John Archibald.

I can also confirm that the Melville Church in Montrose still
stands to this day, as I was there only 2 months ago. 

Being brand new to this list, I have further information, but
am unsure of just how much detail to provide via this list.

My connection?  One of John Archibald's sisters, Rosabelle
St Clair, is my ggrandmother - so we are definitely related!

It's quite a thrill to find a LIVING St.Clair relative!

I hope it's the same for you,


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia (just across the Indian Ocean)  

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