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Re: off-topic

Dear fellow human beings,

A man who kills (whatever the reason or the number of victims) is a beast
with a dead soul. Any man who pretends to do justice by terminating a
murderer's life is also a dead man himself. It is just my opinion. Maybe I'm
wrong. God is the only judge.

(* : Human race. Including man AND woman)

>> It seems that I will be a minority on this one,
>> but that is a
>> position I find familiar.
>> We (society) were wrong when we killed Timothy
>> McVeigh. We did to him
>> exactly what he did to others, we killed him in cold
>> blood.  This is
>> murder, plain and simple, and in some ways it is a
>> more horrific crime
>> than the one perpetrated by McVeigh in that we
>> (society) formulated a


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