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Election Fun in Caithness

>From the John O'Groats Journal

Eve of poll entertainment
On Wednesday night, the five candidates had a final chance to generate some 
interest in the general election and sway any floating voters. Karn Mabon, of 
the Scottish Socialist Party, who for one reason or another maintained a low 
profile in this part of the constituency, did not attend the eve of poll 
meeting in Thurso Town Hall. But the event clearly caught the imagination of 
the public and an audience of 200 turned up to hear the candidates. They each 
outlined their polices and answered questions on local and national issues 
before leaving the stage and making way for the next contender.

While Gordon Campbell, (Indpendent), would not have won over many people on 
the strength of his political arguments, he certainly entertained the crowd 
and, by accident or design, had them in stitches. He rambled from one subject 
to the other and talked about poverty, the golf course at Helmsdale, his love 
for Dornoch, his heroes and various friends and family members who had 
influenced his decision to stand for Parliament. At times, Mr Campbell, whose 
actions and mannerisms were a curious amalgam of Basil Fawlty and Dr Magnus 
Pyke, was bemused by the audience reaction to his pronouncements, while on 
other occasions he revelled in the response. Amazingly, he explained that he 
had fully expected to become a minister of tourism or education after the 
Scottish Parliament two years ago when he polled just 554 votes. He lambasted 
the Liberal Democrats for "anaesthetising" the Far North for 35 years and 
said the Tories were "up a gumtree" - or should that be up a Rowantree". He 
lamented the lack of local interest in foreign languages and claimed a new 
secondary school at Halkirk could help address that. "There is a good number 
of linguists in Thurso but I suspect not enough in Wick," commented Mr 
Campbell, who then revealed his green credentials.

In his case, however, that amounted to removing his jacket, tie, shirt and 
trousers and tiptoeing around the stage in a green vest and boxers, much to 
the astonishment and amusement of the audience. At one point the vest came 
off too. Even chairman George Bruce was affected by his antics and could not 
prevent his face creasing in laughter. It got worse when the maverick Mr 
Campbell lay on the stage and muttered something about moustaches in an 
attempt to send up the Libdems.

WOW, here we only recount the ballots. They really know how to party in 
Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis

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