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Sinclair in wars

Thank you Ann, What I have mostly is what is publically printed. Arthur
Sinclair, the immigrant is said to have - "About the end of the French
and Indian War, “Gentlemen’s Magazine” said he took a prize after chase
and capture."  This Arthur was a ship captain between Scotland/England
and Virginia. He is known to have been on two ships the "Alice" and the
"Betsy".   The latter exporting furs to Glasgow. There is record that
Arthur Sinclair put in a claim for his prize, but was never paid. His
son served in the War of 1812. his record of service from the US Navy
1798 Entered Midshipman
1799 Midshipman on CONSTELLATION in the engagement with the French
Frigate L’INSURGENTE and the capture of the French ship
1804 18 May, commissioned Lieutenant.   9 June-10 July, attached to
Mediterranean Squadron on the ESSEX in attacks on Tripoli.  Ordered to
Gunboat #10.
1806 10 July, returned to United States as Commander of Gunboat #10, and
placed in charge of Gunboats, 1, 4, 5, 10 on the SPITFIRE
1807 7 January, Relieved by Captain Decatur (his commander).  20
February, ordered to recruit 40 men for the CHESAPEAKE.  3 July, ordered
under Decatur.  2 December, ordered to Washington to settle accounts.
(came up in Gunboat 10, was in command of Schooner ENTERPRISE.)
1809 15 February, ordered from Norfolk to Washington.  8 April,
appointed to command NAUTILUS.
1811 13 December, ordered to Newport, RI with the NAUTILUS to deliver
her to Lieutenant Crane and take command of the ARGUS.
1812 10 July, commissioned under confirmation of the Senate as Master
Commandant this date, commission dated 2 July 1812.  12 October to 17
December, cruised with North Atlantic Squadron in the ARGUS and made a
number of prizes.  Became separated from the squadron and was chased for
3 days and nights by the enemy squadron, escaping with good management.
1813 18 May, ordered to Sackett Harbor for duty in the Squadron of
Commodore Chauncey on Lake Ontario.  24 July, Commissioned as Captain
under confirmation by Senate.  28 September, rendered gallant service in
an engagement with the British Squadron. (For which he was given a sword
by the state of Virginia)
1814 Ordered to Erie. 20 July- _September, commanding the NIAGARA, on
Lake Huron and on Lake Superior, and commanding US Naval Forces in an
expedition against forts St. Mary’s and Michilimackinac.  Captured a
number of enemy ships.
1817 4 November, ordered to take command of the Frigate CONGRESS at
1818 24 July, ordered from Norfolk to Washington.  8 September, ordered
to report to Captain Cassin to superintend a 74, then under construction
at Norfolk.
1819 27 February, ordered to command the Norfolk Station until the
return of Commander Shaw.
1831 7 February , Died at Norfolk, Virginia.
His son -
CAPT Arthur Sinclair 3- shortly after war began, Confederates began
fortifying the Nansemond River, though it was difficult to reach the
batteries there from Norfolk as USN vessels controlled Hampton Roads.
On 5 June 1861, CAPT A. Sinclair, commanding the small steamer “Roanoke”
under the cover of darkness, eluded and ran his boat into the river and
established communication between batteries and railroad at Suffolk.
Ann Sinclair is lucky enough to have thought to get all the service
papers on the many Sinclairs who served and so should be able to fill in
where I cannot. Sally Spangler

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