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Wallis Warfield Simpson

Is not Bon Ton, rather a blot.  A better family connection for me, is
that Arthur Scinclair married Sarah (Sally Short) Kennon, daughter of
Colonel Richard Kennon. From that family comes Captain Beverley Kennon,
who was married to Britannia Wellington Peters.  She was grandaughter of
Martha Custis Washington, wife of George Washington. Captain Kennon was
station commander at the Washington Navy Yard when they were test firing
one of Dahlgren's new, thinner metal barrel guns and the thing exploded,
killing not only Captain Kennon, but the Secretary of Navy and a senator
(one was named Slidell). Captain Kennon's son, by his first marriage was
LT Beverley Kennon who was in the Battle of New Orleans and who figures
in the write ups of the battle. He was also interested in the new idea
of torpedoes, which were not the torpedo of today, but rather a tethered
mine, or sometimes an explosive device stuck on the side of a vessel and
exploded.  Beverley, by the way is a surname.  Sally

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