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Addendum to what I just wrote

I have closer relatives in Australia?  I know there are names, but I
don't know of the connection - would anyone care to come forward?

From: “Scottish Settlers in North America.”
Arthur Sinclair of Scalloway m (1696) Catherine2 ,  dau Robert of
Chalester & Grizel, dau Rev James Nicholson of Tingwall and d 29 Sep
1744.  Robert belongs to the cadet Bruce of Simburgh.
Found this, but don't know what to make of it - does anyone?

  From Virginia Historical Magazine, pg 310 and Whittle family
First Sinclair of this Family

Arthur Sinclair1, b abt 1707, d 18 Feb 1792 (85 yrs), native of
Scalloway, Shetland.
M1st --- I have read that Arthur didn't leave Scotland until the death
of his wife.
 I.1 John, d abt 1776 or 1777
 M2nd, 22 Feb 1766, Middlesex Co, VA, Susanna Phillips b abt 1752, d Mar
1794 (42 yrs) (Va marriages before 1824)of Urbanna, on the Rappahannock
He was a sea captain between Virginia and Glasgow. In service to Mr.
Richard Cocke, father of John Hartwell Cooke. Mr. Cocke was an importing
merchant and carried on his business at his residence, where his son,
John, was born.
Master Arthur Sinclair of the “Alice”
Mr. Arthur Sinclair on Betsy - Bristol to VA, 28 Aug 1752; 26 Feb 1755;
29 Mar, 14 Jun, 5 Jul 1756 in each case carrying passengers
Exportations skins and furs from Rappahannock District: 25 Oct 1764-25
Apr 1769 (Note from William & Mary 2W(2)196) Appointed trustee town of
Cobham, 1784 (source State Papers of the Commonwealth, p 57)
About the end of the French and Indian War, “Gentlemen’s Magazine” said
he took a prize after chase and capture.  When he retired from the sea,
he settled in Surry County, VA, abt 1745.  The will of Arthur Sinclair
“of the town of Cobham, Surry County, VA” was dated 3 Oct 1791 and
proved 18 Feb 1792.  His legatees were his wife Susanna, and his son
Arthur.  An old account of the family states that he married twice, but
that his only living son Arthur was by his second wife Susanna Phillips.

“Old Captain Sinclair was a man of reserved, silent habits, but of well
known energy and firmness of purpose. He retired from the sea faring
life many years and was engaged in merchandise at Cobham up to the time
of his death.  It is said that he was a small boy at school when General
Anson was about to sail around the world. He managed to slip away from
his family and join the voyage.”
II Arthur Sinclair2, b 28 Feb 1777 d 6 Feb 1831 entered the US Navy in
November 1798, and commenced his long and distinguished service by
taking part in the capture, by the Constellation of the French Frigate
Insurgent.  He was promoted to post captain in July 1813 and received a
sword from the State of Virginia for his gallant service as second in
command at the Battle of Lake Ontario.  He married first, Elizabeth,
daughter of General John Hartwell Cocke, of Mt Pleasant, Surry County.
They had two children, twins, Robert Carter Nicholas d 1806 and Augusta
(died 3 weeks after birth) b, 2 Mar 1802.  These children died young and
their mother died in 1803.  Arthur Sinclair married second on 20 Jan
1810 in Halifax Co, Sally Short Skipwith Kennon b 30 Oct 1790 d 21
August 1827, daughter of  Col Richard Kennon.. (From Deaths in Richmond
Newspapers 1821-1840) (VA marriages before 1824)
Died Monday, Commodore Arthur Sinclair, USN leaving several children
(Norfolk Beacon Jan 10), RE, Feb 12, 1831, p3 and RW, Feb 12, p2
  They had seven children:
III.1 Arthur, Jr, b 29 Nov 1810, d 14 Jan 1865 Commander USN and CSN,
served on the Alabama, married, 20 Apr 1835, Lelia Imogene Dawley of
 IV.1.1 Arthur, IV, b 1837, d 1925 m Drusilla Willet (of Baltimore) He
is living in Fairfax Co with Edward M. Harrison in 1910 (73 yrs old)(See
     V.1.1.1 Arthur, V, b 19 Feb 1915, d Oct 1981, Elmhurst, Queens,
     V.1.1.2 William
     V.1.1.3 Terry
     V.1.1.4 Lelia Imogene Sinclair, unm

 IV.1.2 William Wright Sinclair b 1841, m Corinne Swann
 IV.1.3 Lelia Sinclair, b 1845 m Walter Powhatan Montague
 IV.1.4 Sarah Sinclair, b 1849, m Walter Blackistone
 IV.1.5 Upton Beall Sinclair, m Pricilla Augusta H(ubbard?)….

III.2 Elizabeth Beverly Sinclair b 26 Jul 1812, married Captain William
Conway Whittle, USN, CSN
“Married at Boushland, New Kent Co, res of Dr. George Kennon, 17th inst
by Rev Dr. Stillman, Lt William C. Whittle, USN to Miss Elizabeth
Beverly Sinclair, eldest daughter of the late Commodore Sinclair of
Norfolk, RE, June 25, 1833, p3 “(Marriages in Richmond Newspapers

III.3 Richard Kennon Sinclair (8 Nov 1814-7 Jul 1815)
III.4 George Tarry Sinclair, b 29 Sep 1816, d 25 Jul 1885, LT USN, CSN m
2 May 1843, Mary Thompson b 5 Jan 1825 in Norfolk, d 6 Nov 1888,
Halifax, NS., dau William Henry Thompson (Tuckers Norfolk Marriages, p
 IV.4.1 George T. Sinclair, Jr., midshipman on Florida and Alabama,
acting 1st Lieutenant of the Tuscaloosa.
 IV.4.2 Mary Thompson Sinclair m Frederick Jones Tremaine
 IV.4.3 William Henry Sinclair (27 Sep 1846-23 Sep 1866 unm)aboard
Alabama 1862-63, CSS Tuscaloosa 1863
 IV.4.4 George Law Sinclair m Mary Jean Lithgow Curry
 IV.4.5 Gilberta Conway Sinclair m Reginald Arthur Richard White

III.5 Dr. William Beverly Sinclair b, 22 Jan 1818, d 27 Sep 1895,
surgeon, USN, CSN, a prominent physician, married 11 Nov 1844, Lucy
Franklin Read Jones, dau Walter F. & Mary Eliza Taylor Jones of Norfolk
(Tucker’s Norfolk Marriages, p 175, buried Cedar Grove, Norfolk)
 IV.5.1 William B. Sinclair, Jr. midshipman, CSN (drowned)
 IV.5.2 Elizabeth Munford Sinclair
 IV.5.3 Arthur Sinclair
 IV.5.4 Richard Page Sinclair
 IV.5.5 Lucy Jones Sinclair

III.6 Sarah Sinclair b,22 Jul 1820, died in infancy
III.7 Gilberta Fayette Sinclair, b 19 Oct 1824. married Dr. Conway
Davies Whittle, of Norfolk.

The sword presented to Commodore Sinclair and that used in service by
his grandson, Midshipman W. B. Cinclair are now cherished possession of
the Virginia Historical Society.
That is my family thru the Whittles. Sally

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