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Re: Paragenetic?

At 22:14 22/05/01 +0100, you wrote:
If what Niven suggests is true, that the term paragenetic includes not only
those of Sincalir ancestry but also thsoe who are 'spiritually' Sinclairs -
can I lay claim to honorary para-genetic status.?. After all my sirname
translates into English as 'son of the sea-warrior' and I have been known,
when in abberant mood to promote the Sinclair cause from time to time.

Best wishes

Dear Tim,

As you have shown yourself to be the promoter-in-chief of the Sinclair cause,
we will give you honorary para-genetic status  John tells us that pargenesis
means  'the order in which the constituent minerals in a rock mass have been
formed' which makes you (and the rest of us) a product of a very rich gene
pool with the Sinclair gene dominant in colour (red hair and green eyes) and
temperament (bloody mindedness bordering on madness).

Para-genetic will appear in the next issue of Collins English Dictionary in
its new additional meaning.  Google (John's word) will not appear because,
 having no etymological foundation, it is totally meaningless which is why
it cannot be found in any standard dictionary.
Generally, I am against the bastardisation of the English language but accept
the use of new words to satisfy  the needs of the technological age in which we
live and in which (the para-genetic) John excels.

Niven, who is also para-genetic to the umpteenth degree, from a rather alarming
gene pool of  murderers and maniacs, bishops and bigots, saints and sinners
which makes him at one with the rest of you.    We all need locking up for the
safety of the populace at large.

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