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Re: skullandcrossbones.org

===Dexter Wrights' words====

Hi Jean,

    Hmm, sounds exciting!
    Yes, I designed skullandcrossbones.org, however
you neglected to 
why you were looking for me. When I received emails
from John and 
Jerry, I
figured it out, and have responded to them with a cc
to you.
    Sorry I was so hard to reach, but I turned off the
email on that 
long ago because of the volume of mail from people
wanting to 'join' 
Skull &
Bones. It was taking too long to respond to everyone,
especially since
there's nothing to join.
    If you're a programmer you'll notice the site has
its interesting
aspects, none of which are commercial in nature, and
none of which are
intended to hurt anyone, some of which I explained in
the email to 
Jerry so
you better see the idea behind the site.
    If you like, let me know where and I'll join the
list so you can 
flame me at once ... maybe on Friday the 13th.
    Again, my apologies.

Best regards to everyone on 'the list'

Dexter Wright

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