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Re: Sinclair's at war


Just started out as a small hobby to see me through the winter, which I
might add is much colder than Aus. I've gotten myself so deep into it now
that I thought I might as well keep going and make something useful of all
the data I'm gathering. Yes I have looked through the internet data bases
and I think I actually gave you some of those sites last year. I haven't
thought about web pages yet, but it could be worth doing later on.

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> What a task you have set for yourself.  I have a few lists along those
> already started under Crusades...Honor Roll, Colonial Wars, and Combat...
> "History www.clansinclairusa.org   "  Have you looked at these places yet?
> Will this be put on a web?  I hope so then it will be easier to just link
> your lists.
> Laurel

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