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Our relationship with Jesus

It has been maintained that we married into the bloodline of Mary Magdalene 
she and her child came to the Languadoc in the South of France.  This was the
Sang Raal rather than the Sang Graal - the Holy Blood rather than the Holy 

We certainly married into the priestly Levi family through our connection 
with the
de Bars (who were the Grand Masters de l'ordre de Notre Dame de Sion) but 
that is
a far cry from claiming relationship  to Jesus.  The Earl of Dysart, who was
God-father to the late Dr Hugh Sinclair  (who was my early guide on family 
claimed that the Sinclairs were the lost tribe of Israel but, knowing of 
our Viking descent,
that also seemed to be stretching credulity a bit too far.

We Sinclairs should stop looking for second-hand haloes.  We may take our 
name from
a saint but, apart from the blessed Margaret Sinclair of the Order of Poor 
Clares (whose
beatification is being considered by Pope John Paul II at the present time) 
few of us are
likely to attain sainthood - thank God!!

Niven Sinclair

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