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New info on my Sinclair line

I finally recieved a death certificate for my grandfather, Daniel Thomas
Sinclair. I had been searching in Ky. He was born in Kentucky to James and
Amanda (nee unk) on July 15, 1883. He died of the flu on jan.23,1919. He was
married to Elinor(sp) Cunningham, she died shortly after him and they are
buried in Covington Ky.His address for the 2 years prior to death was 459
Kiefaker or Kiebager ,ward 9, Montgomery County,city of Dayton. I apologize
if I am posting this on the wrong list, but I am so excited to have this much
breakthrough. I may find out more info,.I had hoped to find this before my
Mother passed away, but she probably has all the info now that she is with
them.Could anyone add anything to this?
Thank all of you who have guided me along the way.