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Sinclairs in the 1745 Rising

15th April 1746 - Earl of Cromartie's Regiment defeated near Dunrobin - 2
Sinclairs captured
Two Sinclairs were in the Earl of Cromartie's Regiment.  They were James
Sinclair (Caithness) Aged 20, taken prisoner and died and James Sinclair,
Husbandman, Dunbeath, taken prisoner and transported (probably to the West
The Earl of Cromartie was tasked to control Scotland "benorth the Forth" and
captured Dunrobin Castle and based his force at Skelbo Castle.  They pursued
the Sutherland Militia without much success.  On the 15th April 1746 they
were surprised by a Militia force near Dunrobin. Around 20 of a force of 200
were killed and the majority captured, and so, the day before the Battle of
Culloden, which ended the Rebellion, their part in the cause also came to an
At the battle of Culloden (Drumossie Moor) - 16th April 1746 - on the
Government right of the line was St Clair's Regiment (The Royal Scots),
named after their Colonel, Major General Sir James St Clair of Dysart and

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