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Re: The time line studies

>I must and should add that the majority of dates and information on the Clan
>Calendar came from our Earl Malcolm, himself.  Do hope people will come take
>a look.  This has taken months and months to put together.

Although the contributions Earl Malcolm are clearly numerous and substantial,
I think you must be being modest, Laurel.  Looks to me like much of your
own research is in that particular timeline.

For example, the Sicilian Crusade of 1064 is important in understanding how
the Crusades came about, yet often isn't mentioned.

>calendar that you can access at www.clansinclairusa.org  "history"   At  the
>bottom of the first column you will see "Time Line" .  Related sections are
>color coded for better understanding.  Also there are numerous links from
>the calendar to more information.

Or, for short:


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