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Amazing Grace in Norway/Sinclair's Club

To the Sinclair Discussion Group on the current topic of "Amazing Grace"

For another moving rendition of the tune (though only a couple of bars), see
the "Amazing Grace" video clip at
http://members.tripod.co.uk/Pillarguri_Days/MPEG_Clips.htm  link to be found
from the main Festival page of our new website "Sinclair's Club", only a few
bars, but its the Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band playing together with the Sel
Local Bands.  In 1612 at the Battle of Kringen, Scotland and Norway were
divided, temporarily and tragically, but "Amazing Grace", with the musicians
of Scotland and Norway playing together, has become a symbol of the new
unity, characterised by the Pillarguri Days Festival, in which our Clan now

Make this festival part of your summer holidays, if you can!

Yours aye


Clan Representative on the Pillarguri Committee

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