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RE: Amazing Grace

Hullo you lot,
    I've read with interest all the comments around the song Amazing
Grace and feel I have to pitch in my ane twa pence.
    As I was given to understand, many years ago, by an Episcopal
priest, the song originated when the author had experienced a conversion
to Christianity after his son was killed in a shipwreck.  He was  on his
way back to the UK after years of slave trade and the like. As the story
goes, as the ship he was passenger on passed the place of his son's
death, he was inspired to write the song. Surely, if this story is anly
a fine bit of the fiction, it does speak well to the spiritual origin of
the music.
    There you have it, is it truth or did the priest pass on to me a
fine legend?
Yours Aye,
    Tearlach Sinclair

There's nae man sae deif as he tha' winna hear.

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