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Fwd: Amazing Grace

    I shared the piper's experience with the Pres. of our Scottish Society of 
Indianapolis and he shared it with a member of the Murat Highlanders Pipe 
Band.  Here is his experience.          Cousin Ivan

Hello, Ivan!  

I thought you would enjoy this response to your forward re: Amazing Grace.

William Stanton is with the Murat Highlanders Pipe Band, sponsor of
Saturday's Celtic Celebration.

Yours, aye!


Carson, what a great story. I'm only a beginner piper, but my boys, the
Murat Highlanders, had given me a solo tune to work on: Wild Irish Rose.
I've been playing it with another piper to get me over my beginner shyness.
Well, this past Saturday, our first performance (of a long 14 hour day) was
a healthcare facility. When we got to my duet, my partner leaned over (just
like a flying instructor does one day) and whispered that I needed to play
it solo. Well, I can't explain what came over me, but play it I did...with
more passion and soul than I knew I possessed. The daughter of one of the
patients cried her eyes out. I moved up a notch on the piping scale this
past Saturday, not because I played my first audience solo, but because I
knew I had learned that playing the pipes isn't a learned mechanical
exercise...it's about projecting music that really can touch people's most
basic human emotions! 

Slainte mhath, Brother.

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