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Re: Amazing Grace

Dear Marilyn:
Again thanks for the plug and on re-reading the message, there is a small
correction on the production of the CD  It was,  I blush to say, completely
the work of Clan Sinclair Canada.  I have a friend with a home studio who
mixed it for free,  Malcolm and I did it in a single afternoon so there are
a few 'warts' .  I took the master  to a CD production company here in
Toronto and they made us 100 copies in a night and the fellow was so taken
with us that he took the photos I supplied and the liner notes from my
computer and made  a cover for us.
Niven has been the fount of so much wisdom and support for anything
involving Clan Sinclair for so long  that it is no wonder that anyone would
think that he was involved in this CD too but he was not.  The blame lies
across the the North Atlantic I fear.

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