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Re: Rosslyn Castle

GDSinclair@aol.com wrote:

> As one that has stayed at the castle - it is an experience.
> The rooms are small. The kitchen is so small that to pass someone at
> the wash
> rack you all must suck in the tummies.
> The exploring is wonderful. The lower levels conjure up all sorts of
> memories. The shower is something on the landing to the lower levels
> and I
> always thought that someone was watching me there. The bath tub on the
> top
> level is one of those that get narrower as you sit. The bottom barely
> is wide
> enough to accept the derrierer. Almost got stuck once.
> The walks through the Glen are wonderful. The paintings on the walls
> of the
> sitting rooms are a study.
> It is only a small walk to the village . . . all up hill . . .and some
> good
> pub food at the Roslin Inn.
> The buses to Edinburgh are at the top of the hill and deposit you
> almost on
> Princess Street for some really good shopping.
> If I were to do it over, I would do as Niven says, and stay at the Inn
> in
> Roslin. But, once was wonderful but once was enough.
> You must watch your bacside at all times while in the castle.
> Gary D. Sinclair

To Gary D.,

    I must be more stupid than I thought - can you explain why you must
watch your backside at all times while you are in St. Clairs' Rosslyn


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