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Re: Rosslyn Castle

As one that has stayed at the castle - it is an experience.
The rooms are small. The kitchen is so small that to pass someone at the wash
rack you all must suck in the tummies.
The exploring is wonderful. The lower levels conjure up all sorts of
memories. The shower is something on the landing to the lower levels and I
always thought that someone was watching me there. The bath tub on the top
level is one of those that get narrower as you sit. The bottom barely is wide
enough to accept the derrierer. Almost got stuck once.
The walks through the Glen are wonderful. The paintings on the walls of the
sitting rooms are a study.
It is only a small walk to the village . . . all up hill . . .and some good
pub food at the Roslin Inn.
The buses to Edinburgh are at the top of the hill and deposit you almost on
Princess Street for some really good shopping.
If I were to do it over, I would do as Niven says, and stay at the Inn in
Roslin. But, once was wonderful but once was enough.
You must watch your bacside at all times while in the castle.
Gary D. Sinclair