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Re: Hello All! New Member...

At 21:02 11/02/01 -0800, you wrote:
My name is Theresa St. Clair Vaughn, most folks call me Teri. My lineage comes from the Daniel St. Clair/Isabella Auchmuty line out of Sunbury, PA, as follows:
Daniel + Isabella
        David P. +Amelia
            George W. + Catherine
                William F. + Margaret Theresa
                    Bertram H. + Flora E.
                        Hugh Denny + Judy
                            Theresa M. + Gary
As I know at least two folks on this list are from this line in one descendency or another, I won't go on about Daniel born in Scotland. Where, is an interesting question.  As for the Pennsylvania St. Clair's, I've identified at the moment three lines during a similar era, Arthur's being the most famous I assume, Daniel of course, and John in Lancaster County who could possibly be Daniel's sibling (as Daniel recovered from his war wounds some three years in Lancaster, at who's home, we don't know at the moment.)  I look forward to getting to know all of you.
Interesting article on the St. Clair athelete in San Francisco, thank you for including it.  As a side note, (if you don't mind me boasting a bit on a cousin) one of my cousins, Sonja participated in the torch relay for the Australian Para-Olympics this past year. Her husband Bede, participated in the torch relay for the main olympic trials. This St. Clair branch is quite proud of their participation in such events.
Best Regards,

We hear a lot about Daniel Sinclairs.

For example, a Captain Daniel St Clair (the second son of Major General Arthur St Clair) was born in 1764 and
married Rachel, the daughter of Dr Robert Shannon,  in 1789.

His son, Daniel, was born in 1813 but died in infancy so the next son, born in 1815, was also named Daniel but
he, too, died in infancy.  The custom of giving the same name to a second child (if the first had died in infancy)
was not uncommon with Sinclairs (and presumably with other families).

Bringing the Daniel story up-to-date, the present head of Jews' College in London, is Rabbi Dr Daniel Sinclair
who holds the portfolio on medical ethics in the Chief Rabbis' cabinet and has formulated position papers on issues
such as abortion and the use of fetal tissue for the manufacture of various vaccines for both governmental bodies
and health agencies.  He has recently been invited to advise the (British) Department of Health on the ethics of

The practice of removing organs from dead children has been the subject of intense and heated debate in the
British Press following the discovery of this wide-spread practice in many of our hospitals on the grounds that
such organs are required for research.

 With our advance in the understanding of our genetic make-up - the human genome - the moral and ethical
implications of such practices need to be addressed by us all as well as by men of the calibre of Dr Daniel Sinclair.
It isn't simply a question of  enlightenment v. ignorance.  Or is it ?

It is also of passing interest to know that the centre for cloning experimentation (with animals) is at Rosslyn
where Earl William St Clair built his famous Chapel in 1446 in which the famous Apprentice Pillar is an early
representation of the DNA helix - did he know something which scientists have only recently discovered ?

Niven Sinclair  

Niven Sinclair