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Hello All! New Member...

My name is Theresa St. Clair Vaughn, most folks call me Teri. My lineage comes from the Daniel St. Clair/Isabella Auchmuty line out of Sunbury, PA, as follows:
Daniel + Isabella
        David P. +Amelia
            George W. + Catherine
                William F. + Margaret Theresa
                    Bertram H. + Flora E.
                        Hugh Denny + Judy
                            Theresa M. + Gary
As I know at least two folks on this list are from this line in one descendency or another, I won't go on about Daniel born in Scotland. Where, is an interesting question.  As for the Pennsylvania St. Clair's, I've identified at the moment three lines during a similar era, Arthur's being the most famous I assume, Daniel of course, and John in Lancaster County who could possibly be Daniel's sibling (as Daniel recovered from his war wounds some three years in Lancaster, at who's home, we don't know at the moment.)  I look forward to getting to know all of you.
Interesting article on the St. Clair athelete in San Francisco, thank you for including it.  As a side note, (if you don't mind me boasting a bit on a cousin) one of my cousins, Sonja participated in the torch relay for the Australian Para-Olympics this past year. Her husband Bede, participated in the torch relay for the main olympic trials. This St. Clair branch is quite proud of their participation in such events.
Best Regards,