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hello from Vancouver Canada

I'm a newcomer to the Sinclair list. My connection: a
19th-century St Clair girl who left her family for her lover.

My grandfather, Peter Begbie, was born in Elphinstone near
Edinburgh about 1889. His mother used to tell stories about her
mother, the St Clair girl. Peter emigrated to Vancouver Canada
with his brothers and eventually married a young woman from the
Lake District (despite his mother's objections - "English!");
they gave their daughter St Clair as a middle name. The "Saint"
was her darkest secret when my mother was a schoolgirl, she
decided to name me Claire instead of St Clair.

Of the 2045 pages in the current Metro Vancouver telephone
directory, variations on the Sinclair surname account for about
one page. I can see how the name St Clair might be passed on as
Clair or Claire, a complication is that in our phone book about
half the (short list of) entries with the surname Clair or Claire
have given names like Surinder and Manjit.

Vancouver is on the Pacific coast of Canada, in the province of
British Columbia, just north of our 49th parallel border with the
USA and a longish day trip from Seattle. We're at the mouth of
the Fraser River, not to be confused with Vancouver in Washington
State at the mouth of the Columbia, For those who may be
interested in Vancouver, here are some websites to check out:

  Official tourist guides
  City government
  Local news and entertainment
  Vancouver scenic web cams

Highland festivals in BC are scheduled for late May to early
July, details at the Western Canada - British Columbia section of
the Scottish Highland Games and Celtic Festival Listings 
http://www.maclachlans.org/games.html . Vancouver's United
Scottish Highland Games and Festival, founded 1885, is on June
30th this year.

Regards to all,
Claire Toynbee <claire@techie.com>
Vancouver BC Canada
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