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Sinclair Dates

   February 6
   In 1685: Charles II d.,
   In 1699: Montgomerie's skirmish., The Conde de Canillas, President of
   Panama, abandons his attack on the Colony.
   In 1776: Battle of Moore's Creek, [2]Loyalist Gov. Martin of North
   Carolina tries to put down "a most daring, horrid, and unnatural
   Rebellion." Loyalist McLeod's broadswords lose to patriot Caswell's
   muskets and artillery.
   In 1840: Treaty of Waitangi, [3]Between Great Britain and New Zealand
   Maori tribes of North Island, was signed at the settlement of
   Waitangi. The treaty sought to protect Maori rights and was the basis
   of the annexation of New Zealand. A key article stated that the Crown
   had exclusive rights to buy Maori land, which remained in effect until
   1862. The documents were partially burned by a fire in 1841.
   In 1952: George VI d., King of Britain dies.


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