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Re: hello from Vancouver Canada

Dear Claire:
Welcome to the List.
It is a fortuitous time to be interested in Clan Sinclair and live in BC as
we are just about to innaugurate a BC Chapter of Clan Sinclair Association
(Canada).  You can check out the Web page that is associated with this list
for information on where Clan Sinclair has raised a flag in Canada  and
indeed the world.  The contact people for the BC enterprise are Mary
Sinclair Stickle and her husband Charles who were participants in the
Sinclair 2000 Gathering in Scotland this past year.
They are not emailable as yet but can be reached at :

Mary and Charles Stickle
Box 1029
tel: 250-353-2936

Rory Sinclair,
Clan Sinclair Association (Canada)

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