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Re: Happy New Year

Does anyone know anything about Duncan of this family?
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> Hello Toni and Neil,
> Thanks for the response.  Yes, I have corresponded to you last fall and we
> have talked for a little bit.   I have corresponded with Jennifer Marshall
> and Juli last fall also and they are both from somewhere in my lines.  The
> Sinclairs and McVicar.  They both are a big help to me.   Jennifer have
> provided me a map of where Corribuie used to be and pointed an arrow
> There is a website where I can give you so you can see where Corriebuie
>  <A
> Streetmap.co.uk- grid location</A>
> Juli has provided me information that I have so far which she quoted:
> I just checked the K&D OPR entries that I do have and the birth of John
> Sinclair to Lachlan Sinclair and Marion MacIntyre is on the same page as
> of the entries for my own John Sinclair and Flory Campbell.  The entry
> -
> "3 Sept. 1789 Lachlan Sinclair and Marion McIntyre in the parish of
> had a son baptized named John."
> There are some entries that mention Corriebuie - for example-
> "11 Nov. 1786 Colin Campbell and Janet McNicol in Corriebuie had a
> baptized named Anne."  so maybe the entry for the first Ann (b. 1788) will
> mention Corriebuie or even the marriage.
> She also mentions on the other email:
> (Source: FamilySearch site)
> First - Sarah is actually a Morag in Gaelic which you will find written in
> the OPRS as Sarah, Mary, Marion and even May -
> Lachlan Sinclair married Marrion 17 July 1787 Kilchrenan & Dalavich -
> Children that I found
> Ann - C. 22 Aug. 1788 K&D   (mother Marion)
> John C.  3 Sep. 1789 K& D    (Mother Marion)
> Mary  C. 26 May 1792 Glassary (mother Sarah)
> Archibald G.  5 June 1794  Glassary (mother Sarah)
> Anne  b. 10 Jun. 1796 Glassary  (mother Sarah)
> Marrion c. 27 Feb 1803) Craignish   (mother Marion)
> There also is an entry for the birth of a Lachlan Sinclair to john
> b. 15 May 1761 Glenorchy & Inishail that would be interesting to look at.
> also have OPRs for G&I.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I would have never known about those Morag names if it hadn't been for
> ladies I have corresponded with.  The list of siblings I have on me that
> closely with these children are the same so far:
> Lachlan
> Peter
> Duncan
> Mary
> Nancy
> Sarah
> Catherine
> I have no Sinclairs thru South Carolina.   I have about 4 families that
> from Argylleshire before they all came to London, Ontario,  Canada. The
> Sinclairs, Johnson, McIntyre all came in 1820 to Canada.  The McVicars
> to Canada from Argyll as well  in 1830.
> Hmmm.... maybe we all can work together and find our family missing puzzle
> and straightened them out.   If you have come across these names....
> let me know.   Thanks.
> Kozy
> South Carolina
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