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Re: Happy New Year

Hello Toni and Neil,

Thanks for the response.  Yes, I have corresponded to you last fall and we 
have talked for a little bit.   I have corresponded with Jennifer Marshall 
and Juli last fall also and they are both from somewhere in my lines.  The 
Sinclairs and McVicar.  They both are a big help to me.   Jennifer have 
provided me a map of where Corribuie used to be and pointed an arrow there.   
There is a website where I can give you so you can see where Corriebuie is.   
Streetmap.co.uk- grid location</A> 

Juli has provided me information that I have so far which she quoted:

I just checked the K&D OPR entries that I do have and the birth of John 
Sinclair to Lachlan Sinclair and Marion MacIntyre is on the same page as one 
of the entries for my own John Sinclair and Flory Campbell.  The entry reads 
"3 Sept. 1789 Lachlan Sinclair and Marion McIntyre in the parish of Dalavich 
had a son baptized named John."
There are some entries that mention Corriebuie - for example-
"11 Nov. 1786 Colin Campbell and Janet McNicol in Corriebuie had a daughter 
baptized named Anne."  so maybe the entry for the first Ann (b. 1788) will 
mention Corriebuie or even the marriage.

She also mentions on the other email:
(Source: FamilySearch site)

First - Sarah is actually a Morag in Gaelic which you will find written in 
the OPRS as Sarah, Mary, Marion and even May - 
Lachlan Sinclair married Marrion 17 July 1787 Kilchrenan & Dalavich - 
Children that I found 

Ann - C. 22 Aug. 1788 K&D   (mother Marion)
John C.  3 Sep. 1789 K& D    (Mother Marion)
Mary  C. 26 May 1792 Glassary (mother Sarah)
Archibald G.  5 June 1794  Glassary (mother Sarah)
Anne  b. 10 Jun. 1796 Glassary  (mother Sarah)
Marrion c. 27 Feb 1803) Craignish   (mother Marion)

There also is an entry for the birth of a Lachlan Sinclair to john Sinclair 
b. 15 May 1761 Glenorchy & Inishail that would be interesting to look at. I 
also have OPRs for G&I.    

I would have never known about those Morag names if it hadn't been for those 
ladies I have corresponded with.  The list of siblings I have on me that is 
closely with these children are the same so far:


I have no Sinclairs thru South Carolina.   I have about 4 families that came 
from Argylleshire before they all came to London, Ontario,  Canada. The 
Sinclairs, Johnson, McIntyre all came in 1820 to Canada.  The McVicars came 
to Canada from Argyll as well  in 1830.   

Hmmm.... maybe we all can work together and find our family missing puzzle 
and straightened them out.   If you have come across these names.... please 
let me know.   Thanks.

South Carolina
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