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Re: Happy New Year

Kozy Tennant
South Carolina

Dear Kozy; What a wonderful name! The good news is that there is some
research which has been on going for a number of years about the Sinclairs
of Argyll and there are a few of us on this list that are proud to claim
this heritage. The difficult and challenging news is that the genealogical
searching is something akin to putting a 3 d puzzle together with many
pieces missing.  The good news is that many of the families are inter
related in Argyll and that one link sometimes leads to another. Beyond 1750
remember records simply may not exist for anyone, and before 1700 good luck!
They are rare. By the time of 1820 there were thousands of Sinclairs in
Argyll, many related, many not and many many family trees of origin to

 You wrote, "I  have Sinclairs that came from Argyll pre-1820 before they
went to Canada in > 1820. Their names are Lauchlan and Sally (McIntyre)
Sinclair. They lived in  Coire Buide (an ancient old village and its no
longer there), Argyll,
Scotland. and their nearest church is Dalevich." KTenn36117@aol.com

Now the Parish name would help and I did not recognize Dalvich (sp?) but
that does not mean anything. Wanda has been preparing a data base for
Sinclairs in Ontario and you occasionally come across someone who is from
the same area and you are away to the races. As for these fine ladies you
mentioned I shall pick their brains for while experts no one is, such as
exist however they are!

Now on a macro basis the Sinclairs in South Carolina are getting pretty well
documented and have their origins in Cape Fear/Fair North Carolina at the
end of 1700's. It sounds though that your histroy is through Ontario. Stay
patient, this is the right location for what you seek. By the by McIntyre is
also a clan of the same region and there are at least 3 with this combined
clan heritage. Yours truly, Karen and John.

Good luck,
Neil Sinclair Toronto/PEI/Forever Argyll.

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