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Re: Happy New Year

* Karen Matheson's research about the Sinclairs of Argyll

* Rebecca Sanford, Toni Sinclair, and Christine Carver's research
    about Argyll Sinclairs.


Could someone please tell me more about these ladies that know about the 
Sinclairs of Argyll??  Are they experts on this family from Argyll???   I 
have Sinclairs that came from Argyll pre-1820 before they went to Canada in 
1820. Their names are Lauchlan and Sally (McIntyre) Sinclair. They lived in 
Coire Buide (an ancient old village and its no longer there), Argyll, 
Scotland. and their nearest church is Dalevich.  I am interested in some more 
information.  Thanks.

Kozy Tennant
South Carolina
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