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Happy New Year

Hello Kozy,
    You inquired about the Argyll Colony--Toni Sinclair knows a great deal 
about the Islay families and Canadian Sinclairs; Karen has done extensive 
research on Sinclairs and others; I am not familiar with Christine--but hope 
to become acquainted soon--so you will find each of these folks much more 
informed than I.

    However, I shall be glad to assist you in any way I can; you may e-mail 
me personally, if you like, with names, dates, questions, etc. Some of my 
family came in with the 1739 Argyll Colony, but not Sinclairs, that I know of 

    Best to you in your research,

P.S.  And a Happy New Year to all my cousins, family, and friends on the List!
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