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Re: Happy New Year

Glad to meet you here. I have Sinclairs in London area myself from early
1800's. Actually born there myself. Seem way to busy these days to
concentrate; quickly read list items & move on.

Please communicate, did you "London" Sinclairs goon to Lobo Ont or Glencoe
area in Middlesex County, Mosa Township, Metcalfe or Ekfrid Township or
"towns-villages-corners" named Kilmartin or Walker's Corners. These are all
same 10 x 10 mile area; even Lobo is not too far away and there are some
indications of interrelationship.

Regards  Rick Sinclair
see www.kw.com/sinclair, go to bibliographical page then at end to genealogy
page for short history in 1820's to 19xx