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Land Grants


    Sorry about the short e-mail with no explanation, but I was a little
rushed.  I found that there seem to be three geographical locations for
the Sinclair grantsl.  One of these locations is comprised of only old
Kentucky land grants from 1797 in Montgomery County.  The seems to fall
near Lancaster, Kentucky, not far from here in Danville.  This was near
the old state capitol and fort Harrodsburg, where Boone spent much
time.  The last grant would be the land that my Goffs were living on
along Brush Creek and near Green River.  Sulphur Creek, home of Isaac's
descendants, was not too far from there.  There are two grants near
creeks that do not appear in any of my topographical maps.  I'm going to
put in a call to some family friends to find out if they are in Green,
Taylor, Adair, Hart, Washington, or Casey Counties.  The watercourses
are Bullskin creek and Gests creek.  Dad said that they sounded a little
familiar, but he wasn't totally sure.  Besides the Montgomery grants,
the other were Virginia grants from 1782 to 1786.  The spellings were
Sinclair and St. Clair.

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