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Re: confusion

No problem.  Slight correction though - I gave permission for the material to be shared with anyone descending from that (ie. your) branch.  I simply do not wish it to be shared with anyone outside that branch for obvious reasons.  Once burned - twice shy. 
I received the photos and am expecting a researcher's report any day that should clarify much of that branch.
More later.
Jean Grigsby
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Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 2:54 PM
Subject: confusion

Hi Jean G.
I'm sorry for the confusion.  You were the Jean I was referring to, since we were discussing the Sinclairs of New Orleans and Memphis.  I was hoping to find, or "snag", others on the discussion list who might have some interest in these particular Sinclairs.  When nobody else responded, I made the offer to Ken, who was complaining about unnecessarily long trailers,to correspond with you "off the list", so that others won't have their email boxes overflowing with material they are not interested in.

Your research arrived here safe and sound, and I thank you very much for sharing it with me.  I promise not to divulge any of your own research.

I hope by now my packet has arrived to you, with the information about the Ontario Sinclairs who are related to your Neil and Duncan of New Orleans.  Its all very confusing with so many generations repeating those names, and I'll be very interested to hear what you have to say about the relationship.  For those of you who might be interested, there is a giant (well at least 16' high) celtic cross in the cemetery at Boston Mills, Ontario (near Toronto), which reads SINCLAIR of NEW ORLEANS.  This strange monument has been a source of great interest to me, and was the reason for my original querie to the list.

Hoping this clears up the misunderstanding.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend to all our American cousins.
Toni S.

Jean Grigsby wrote:

  Jean Stokes,Your last letter simply reminded me that it was something I was going to suggest long ago.  My main concern at the moment is a letter from Toni Sinclair to the site dated Nov. 1, 2000 in which she states that "Jean and I will be corresponding off the list, since we haven't snagged anyone else looking for New Orleans and Memphis Sinclairs".  I cannot invision why I would be wanting to "snag" anyone for anything so I assume she was referring to you. Since I have sent Toni an unpublished but copyrighted portion of a book from my Archives on this Louisiana/Memphis branch, I am unsure if she was referring to me or if she was referring to you or even to someone else on the list.  Her response was to "Ken" who has no connection with the bloodline (his letter of November 1) and yet is apparently compiling a Sinclair digest, it has just been a source of confusion to me. Another example - I sent a package to a man in Maryland which should have been sent to a man in Indiana with the same name - both given and surname.  There are also two Judy Blackwells, so the list could go on and on and on. If it takes too long to sign your real name, forget it.Jean