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letters re. "skull and bones" and "flake"

Recently someone submitted some info on a college organization named Skull & Bones started by a bunch of college boys apparently, among whom was the grandfather of George W. Bush.  This person did not educate us but left enough innuendos to rather upset me as I (as an independent) did vote for George W.  As I am an avid reader and feel pretty well educated, I made an attempt to find out what I could.
I finally accidentally found the answer while sitting in a beauty salon - an article in the NATIONAL INQUIRER.  I failed to copy the date but would suspect it was a very recent one since it certainly never came out until this election mess, but it was the article following the world shaking article, "I was Arrested for Snoring on a Bus". 
May I suggest that if anyone is going to share world shaking news with others to please always list your source so that others can verify and not rush to judgment which I could well have done had I mentioned this "news" to anyone else.
By the way, having been to college, had a daughter who went to college and am now sweating the grandson in college, I would not advise anyone to judge any man or woman by what they did in college.  My grandson called me to say he has now removed his earring because he really doesn't need it anymore and it is a hassel.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing and responded that what he really meant is that he is now a junior and doesn't really feel the need to shock everyone in the family.
My great- nephew just got out of the Marine Corps and has the FIRST tatoo in our genealogy back to 1698.  I consoled his father by saying that at least it is where a shirt sleeve will cover it when he doesn't want it anymore.  The point is every mother out there has a similar story and thank God they will never appear in The Inquirer unless they should enter politics.  Not that might make me leave them out of the family history!
Now, speaking of skulls and to get back to the Sinclairs, - There was a Sinclair grave desecrated and the entire skeleton placed for public display (no, not by college kids but by a grown up, middle aged doctor who was "curious".)  After his death the skeleton was reburied - without the skull.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of this skull, please let me know as it is one of my unpublished familiy mysteries and the unfortunate man did leave descendants.
A note to Tim Wallace-Murphy if he has not been kicked off the site for expressing his opinion.
I do not know enough about ancient history to either agree or disagree with you.  However, I did enjoy reading your letter which was well written and gave us your view of the subject and the word "flakey" did not offend me as it was unimportant and was what any elementary teacher will tell you - a word that can be ingested by inference. Since I was reading for education and the word "flaky" had no meaning in that context, I did not even realize you had used it until the "hullabaloo" following.  It reminded me of a college professor who was having coffee with me and other professors in the faculty lounge when he referred to one of his students as "a flake".  The entire lounge became dead silent as they all knew he was referring to my daughter who was going through a horrendous divorce and at the same time going back to complete college as the first step to supporting herself and two children.  I just laughed and told him to "watch it, that's my daughter you're talking about and I have the same gene pool".  Everyone laughed and I then explained to him (it was his first year) about her stress at the moment.  By the way, the flake did graduate from A & M and very happily remarried after 11 years.  And more importantly, I am still on very good terms with that professor.  We grin every time we see each other and we both are thinking the work "flake" but it has never been broached again!
I, too, made a statement on this list last year hoping to reach someone without confrontation.  Apparently another little group thought I was referring to them (if the shoe fits, wear it?) and I received the one and only hate letter I have ever received in my life.  It was not ugly, it was vicious.  Since you were attacked publicly, I would like to state to everyone that if we cannot as educated people disagree on this site without a group jumping in to their relative's aid, and you decide to kick him off the site if you haven't already, please kick me off also.
I thought long and hard before I typed this as I have no desire to receive another hate letter.  If that person feels the need to repeat last year's attack re. me minding my own business, causing dissention, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. I respectfully ask that you direct it to the site rather than to me personally.
A small thing but since there are apparently others with the same first name on the site, it might help to always add your surname to assure that you don't get credit or blame for someone elses messages.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and please get back to history and genealogy.
Jean Grigsby