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Re: Sinclair matters - Communication

At 09:25 21/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Sinclairs All;
>Every so often it is valuable to recall the unique culture of communications
>that we have developed on this list that now comes from around the world.
>And if there is a foundation it based on respect. Never before in the
>history of the world has a family been able to share information, ideas and
>communicate so effectively as we have over the past few years. If our
>ancestors could only see us now!
>It may be valuable to watch and summarize a fraction of the accomplishments
>we as a network of individuals have accomplished over the past 2 years since
>John started this list and web sites have been developed.
># a forum where the "Clan Chief" can share greetings
># a forum where direct cousins have connected over distance and formed
># a method where historical lessons have been formulated and exchanged
># a forum where ideas can proliferate, and the human experience can be
># a forum where the Sinclair culture and identity can be appreciated
># a place where the studious abilitiy of our genealogists can abound
># a place which can summons us together to meet in locations around the
># a forum where events can be co-ordinated and celebrated
># a place to emote (with respect)
># a place to form friendships over distance and across the lake.
># a place where Sinclair knowledge and culture can be collected for eventual
>storeage on web sites for universal consumption.
>Like everyone on this list I stand in admiration of our Sinclair individuals
>around the world that each in their in their own way create ripples through
>their lives that may touch all of us if we are but patient. In the last
>weeks I have toured the tunnels  of the Temple of Solomon, learned a bit
>about the crusades, chortled on Canadian political culture, and shared
>something on Highland Mary. Even when I have nothing to contribute, I am
>educated by those around. Keep up the great efforts and I pause to thank you
>again John for creating such an excellent forum and starting every day with
>something to read about for Sinclair history.  As Niven wisely suggested it
>is the values we share and preserve together that can go forward to make
>this world a somewhat better place.
>Neil Sinclair Toronto/PEI/Forvever Argyll

Thanks Neil.  A wonderful compilation of our achievements.  Indeed, what other
Clan can claim:

                                 A Prince Henry.
                                 A Queen Mother as Patron.
                                 A Chief who travels the World to meet his 
                                 A lineage stretching back before the birth 
of Christ.
                                 A European dimension which stretches from 
Sweden to Scotland.
                                 A World dimension which stretches from New 
Zealand to Nova Scotia.
                                 A wealth of films, books, and web-sites to 
proclaim our glorious history.
                                 A Chapel which is an architectural 
triumph, a veritable symphony in stone.
                                 And now, at Noss Head, a library and study 
centre to keep our history alive.

But, with this wealth comes obligations.  We have a duty to maintain the 
integrity of our respective nations but,
above all, we have an over-riding duty to preserve the sanctity of the 
planet on which we live.  Rosslyn Chapel
proclaims that God and Nature are ONE.  The real sacrilege has been the 
wanton desecration of our planet by
Man.  We must repair the damage before it is too late.  At Rosslyn, we are 
creating a Nature Reserve in the
Glen.  At Noss Head  another Nature Reserve is being established between 
Girnigoe Castle and the Light House.
There is also a Bird Sanctuary where 43 different species of migratory 
birds nest every year.  Small stuff, you
may say but "if every Man could mend a Man, the whole World would soon be 
mended".  Equally, the Man, who
can make two blades of grass grow where only one grew before, is worth all 
your politicians combined.

In the history of our family, we have produced some remarkable 
leaders.   Today, we can all lead by setting an
example by ensuring that we do not take more out of the planet than we are 
prepared to put back into it.  That
is the battle which we must fight today.  The victory is in our own hands.

Niven Sinclair

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[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@mids.org
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