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Re: Iron underpants

Is it too much, to hope that there were no Sinclairs in this bunch of
bloodthirsty men in "Iron underpants"

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> No, I doubt that any of their relatives survived.  The Crusaders hunted
> and killed just about every living soul in Jerusalem.
> >     It was on June 13th 1099 that the Crusaders flung themselves agains
> walls uselessly.
> I've already told you about the depression that caused.  Then the Governor
> was baffled to see the attackers kick off their shoes and march barefoot
> round his city, singing hymns.  (have you looked yet at this link on the
> website?)
>    Then in five days the siege towers had been completed and the ground
> leveled enough so that and during the night the soldiers struggled to move
> them into position, fighting against a barrage of arrows and Greek Fire.
> Then around noon on June 15th they were over the walls and the blood
> began.
>   "Our Squires and footmen, said Fulcher of Chartres, Split open the
> of those they had just slain in order to extract the gold coins they had
> gulped down.  With drawn swords our men ran through the city not sparing
> anyone, even those begging for mercy.  Count Raymond was the only one to
> honor his pledge to a group of captured Moslems who were the only ones to
> live and later had to carry their dead comrades out of the city to pile
> like pyramids for burning.
>     The next day a band of Crusaders enter the al-Aqsa Mosque where a very
> large group of Moslems had been promised the day before their safety but
> they were all slaughtered, Men, women and children.   And the Jews hiding
> the synagogue were all burned alive.  There were no reports of rape but it
> was ritual slaughter.
>      > > from  "Crusades" by Terry Jones & Alan Ereira.  This comes with
three videos
> and most informative and interesting.
> Laurel

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