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Re: L-Gates and Camels

Dear William
Thank you again.
What I meant, to be more correct, was find a copy of The Book of Psalms in
the Jewish Scriptures [Old Testament not P.C.]  as I do not possess any
Bible. Which I would need to check out your reference.
I have only once in my life been to a regular Church service & that was
because as a teenager on a rainy Sunday there was nothing else to do.
I do not envisage learning Hebrew or Greek, but by chance have looked at
[not studied] Hebrew calligraphy today, as after mentioning the tunnels,
spent about six hours trying to re-find the web site I visited. [Maybe I
could describe myself as flaky for that bit of information.]
I have not got Psalms yet but have downloaded the free KOALA document and
started to read it, this alone will take time, it seems to tie in with some
of what a friend of mine has been studying for some time now, as she has
Kundaleni[phonetic] rising.
I will get copies of the two books you recommend.
Thankfully the internet seems to be making available to many what where
considered secrets of all sorts.
But I am also aware that there is no privacy in any form of electronic
I will be in touch if I progress further.
All the best
[the name is a long story ; )]
P.S. If any of this gets too much for the list I am contactable at

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