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L-Gates and Camels

Greetings, Ian the Kermit,
You noted: "Thank you very much for the additional information & pointing me in the direction of what I am sure will be a very interesting & long learning curve. I am now off to find & download the Jewish Scriptures."
Its a lot of work digging into scripture if you decide to do that. I don't know the languages (Greek and Hebrew) but I use them as a "code" that requires both translating the codes (letters and words) and then interpreting them. I've had some success and I press on, sweating every step, due to the Templars clearly having used Hebrew in accessing their secrets (of the past). I also find that nobody has done this to the degree needed including in the Cabalist format. The advantage in doing all this is to discover how scripture becomes a working manual that merges both energetic procedure with the connected ethics.
(Use Strong's Concordance and the bible: King James Version, none of the others. Remember that numbers are letters/words and the new versions change numbers to fit modern measures ...dumb but there it is.)
So, if you wish to go that far with this stuff let me know and I can offer advice re technique its taken me years to discover on my own. Also I'll send you the protosiniatic version of the letters ...the original method prior to using block letters. The letter-pictures really help in doping out what the code is all about. There are understandably no books about this as it was apparently secret until now. You can file me as a resource.
Bill Buehler