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Re: Iron underpants

Sorry,  William the Seemly's son, Henry, 2nd Baron of Rosslyn (quite
possibly) was on this Crusade and fought along side Godfrey de Boullion.
Some historians believe that it was another Henry de St. Clair from France
but, nevertheless, someone named St. Clair was there and most likely a lot
of other relatives.  I think way back in a first message I pointed out that
they didn't consider that they were doing anything wrong.  They had been
told that anyone going on the Crusade would be forgiven of anything that
happened and they were assured that they would go to heaven.   This is a
primary condition of all the Crusades and not where the Crusades went but
that promise of forgiveness given by each Pope concerned.

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> Is it too much, to hope that there were no Sinclairs in this bunch of
> bloodthirsty men in "Iron underpants"
> Ken
> SK/Canada
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> > No, I doubt that any of their relatives survived.  The Crusaders hunted
> down
> > and killed just about every living soul in Jerusalem.
> > >     It was on June 13th 1099 that the Crusaders flung themselves
> the
> > walls uselessly.
> > I've already told you about the depression that caused.  Then the
> > was baffled to see the attackers kick off their shoes and march barefoot
> > round his city, singing hymns.  (have you looked yet at this link on the
> > website?)
> >    Then in five days the siege towers had been completed and the ground
> > leveled enough so that and during the night the soldiers struggled to
> > them into position, fighting against a barrage of arrows and Greek Fire.
> > Then around noon on June 15th they were over the walls and the blood
> letting
> > began.
> >
> >   "Our Squires and footmen, said Fulcher of Chartres, Split open the
> bellies
> > of those they had just slain in order to extract the gold coins they had
> > gulped down.  With drawn swords our men ran through the city not sparing
> > anyone, even those begging for mercy.  Count Raymond was the only one to
> > honor his pledge to a group of captured Moslems who were the only ones
> > live and later had to carry their dead comrades out of the city to pile
> them
> > like pyramids for burning.
> >     The next day a band of Crusaders enter the al-Aqsa Mosque where a
> > large group of Moslems had been promised the day before their safety but
> now
> > they were all slaughtered, Men, women and children.   And the Jews
> in
> > the synagogue were all burned alive.  There were no reports of rape but
> > was ritual slaughter.
> >      > > from  "Crusades" by Terry Jones & Alan Ereira.  This comes with
> three videos
> > and most informative and interesting.
> > Laurel
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